Open Institutional Repositories Infrastructure network for Central America and the Caribbean

Ismael Clark ArxerDr., Academy of Sciences of Cuba

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(537)867 0599
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Industria y San José, Capitolio Nacional, Habana Vieja Ciudad de La Habana, 12400
Project information
Title of proposalOpen Institutional Repositories Infrastructure network for Central America and the Caribbean
Summary (200 word max.)The primary goal is to engage the IAP and Member Academies of this region to strengthen scientific and technical (S&T) capacity in all countries by enhancing access to and use of digital knowledge resources. The project is fully consistent with the objectives of the IAP and is designed to be supportive of other existing IAP Programs and Initiatives. More specifically, it promotes the goal of the IAP to enhance the quantity and quality of information on issues of science and society that is being exchanged among Member Academies, thereby building the policy advisory capacity of the individual Academies, as established in the draft IAP Strategic Plan (October 2006). It also builds directly upon the activities and results of the recently completed 2004-2006 Initiative. The activities will be organized in four actions: 1. Research and asses the status of OIRs and OA journals in each country, and the existing policy of the science and education ministries with regard to these OA mechanisms; 2. Develop a strategic plan for implementing and using OIRs effectively within the national research and education sectors; 3. Carry out a Technical Training Meeting for Central America and the Caribbean Region; 4. Creation of an Open Institutional Repositories (OIR) infrastructure network in the participants Academies by using a model for scholarly information based on open archives initiative standards and OSS standards for OIRs, which has been developed by the Brazilian Institute for Science and Technology Information (IBICT).
Key words (8 words max.)Scientific information, knowledge resources, open institutional repositories, developing countries, international cooperation, capacity building
Project durationMore than 1 year (max 3 yrs)
Partners(other IAP members and other organization)Sciences Academy of the Dominican Republic, Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Guatemala; Academy of Sciences of Nicaragua, Caribbean Scientific Union
Requested budget (US$) (max. US$ 50,000)US 32,000 for 2010 (40,000 altogether for an initial 2 years period)
Budget Breakdown (max. 6 lines)Budget for 2010: Travel and meeting expenses for the Technical Training Meeting that will take place on the second quarter of 2010
Have you received IAP funding before? (YES NO)YES
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