Royal Society of Canada

In 1882 The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) was founded by the Marquess of Lorne and incorporated by an act of Parliament. Since then, the Royal Society of Canada has served as the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scientists and scholars. RSC’s mission is to recognize scholarly, research and artistic excellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promote a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and with other national academies around the world. The Royal Society of Canada comprises the Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences; in addition to Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership, The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Our Members promote international collaboration and Canadian scholarship in an international context through active exchanges with other national academies. Every year new Fellows and College Members are elected to the RSC to ensure that our Membership continues to recognize outstanding achievements, research and innovation in all areas of scholarship.

RSC offers four categories of election; Fellowship, Specially Elected Fellowship, Foreign Fellowship, and Membership to the College of New Scholars. Nominations for Fellowship must be supported by RSC Fellows and must be submitted on the required forms in accordance with the guidelines. Once received and verified as complete, nominations are forwarded to the appropriate selection committees, based on Division and/or Academy. The final slate of candidates to be elected is presented by the Academies to RSC Council for final approval. Once Council has approved the final slate of candidates, ballots are sent to the Fellowship for voting.

The organization and governance of RSC, in accordance with its By-laws, is entrusted to the RSC Council and Executive. Any and all major decisions or plans of action must have the approval of the Council before being implemented. Each of RSC’s three Academies, each Division, and the College of New Scholars has a Council and Executive to govern their activities. The Council and Executive Committees of each Academy are responsible for the functions of their respective Academy and/or Division(s).

The Royal Society of Canada is a registered charitable organization. Since its founding, the Society has sought to maintain a diversity of sources of funding in order to ensure its independence. Initially the Society’s operations were financed primarily by annual membership dues. Occasionally, additional support for particular projects was provided by the Government of Canada. Unlike many other National Academies, the Society does not receive any block base funding from government. Much of the overhead and indirect costs are covered by volunteer service from the fellowship and, through the fellowship, from Institutional Members.

Today the Society receives direct financial support from five sources: Fellows, Institutional Members, the Private Sector, Granting and Research Councils and Charitable Foundations and, for national and international project funding, governmental agencies.

In addition to Fellowship, RSC also offers the following prizes and awards:

Alice Wilson Award, Awarded Annually
Bancroft Award, Awarded Biennially
Centenary Medal, Awarded at Irregular intervals
Flavelle Medal, Awarded Biennially
Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies, Awarded Biennially
Henry Marshall Tory Medal, Awarded Biennially
Innis Gérin Medal, Awarded Biennially
J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal, Awarded Biennially
Jason A. Hannah Medal, Awarded Biennially
John L. Synge Award, Awarded at Irregular intervals
Kitty Newman Memorial Award, Awarded Annually
Lorne Pierce Medal, Awarded Biennially
McLaughlin Medal, Awarded Annually
Miroslaw Romanowski Medal, Awarded Annually
Pierre Chauveau Medal, Awarded Biennially
Rutherford Memorial Medals, Awarded Annually
Sir John William Dawson Medal, Awarded Biennially
Willet G. Miller Medal, Awarded Biennially

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