IAP Young Scientists Programme 2008-2013

National Young Academies (NYAs)

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IAP supports the recent trend to create national young academies (NYAs) and the Global Young Academy (GYA), which are dedicated to advancing  issues critical to young scientists. The GYA, for example, currently includes young scientists from >50 countries who work together in the spirit of friendly, international cooperation on early scientific career issues. Membership selection has been, and will remain, highly competitive involving international peer review of largely nominations by national academies and similar organizations. The GYA will help catalyze international research collaborations amongst young scientists world-wide. One of its main effects will be to build bridges between young scientists from developed and developing countries to promote the expansion of research capacity and the dual directional exchange of best practices in science policy and education. The GYA also has a working group dedicated to assisting with the formation of NYAs, and, for example, can provide peer-to-peer help for young scientists leading such efforts.

The GYA has developed a blueprint which includes justifications for forming a NYA, along with suggested activities, outcomes, measures of success, model principles and statutes for a hypothetical NYA.

Young academies have already been established with great success in, for example, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan and Sweden. Many more countries are currently in the process of establishing such Young Academies.

Information on other groups of young scientists is available on the GYA Website page: https://globalyoungacademy.net/national-young-academies/  

Contact email: info@globalyoungacademy.net