Nominations are open for the 7th Cycle of the Zayed International Prize for the Environment

Tue, January 06, 2015

Awarded on a biennial basis, the Zayed Prize is divided into Four Award Categories

I - Global leadership in Environment and Sustainable Development US $ 500,000

II - Scientific/ Technological achievements in Environment US $ 250,000

III - Environmental action leading to positive change in society US $ 200,000

IV - Young Scientists Award for Environment & Sustainable Development (new category) US $ 50,000

The first three Award categories are open to individuals, organizations and partnerships or projects.
The fourth Award category is solely for young scientists with a minimum educational qualification of master’s degree and under the age of 40 (at the closing date of the application).
Each prize winner will receive the award (shared equally in case of more than one winner from each category), a Trophy and a Zayed Prize Diploma at a special award ceremony held in Dubai, UAE, at the end of each cycle.
Nominations should be made using the On-line Nomination Form available HERE, where selection criteria, eligibility requirements and nomination procedures can also be found.
The deadline for the submission of nominations is 30 September 2015.