Mohamed Hassan @ von Humboldt Foundation

Tue, December 06, 2016

Mohamed Hassan, former IAP co-chair and current activing director of TWAS, attended the 10th Forum on the Internationalization of Sciences and Humanities organized by von Humboldt Foundation (20-21 November in Berlin, Germany). He gave a talk on 'Scholarly Integrity - Recommendations of the InterAcademy Partnership'.

Among the conclusions drawn from the meeting were:

  • The need to promote the responsibility of researches to uphold standards of proper conduct in the research activities, observe applicable rules, regulations and protocols and take appropriate actions when they witness or suspect misconduct.
  • The need to instil in young researchers a culture of research integrity, through mentoring, training and education.
  • The need to build capacity to promote research integrity among university faculty members and research students in developing countries, especially in low income countries.
  • Encourage and support IAP member academies in developing countries to partner with national universtites to establish mentorship and training programmes for research.

 The abstract of Hassan's presentation is avaiable below.