Call for applications - Innovation in Science Literacy Award (ISLA) 2017

Thu, May 11, 2017

The Innovation in Science Literacy Award (ISLA 2017) will reward creative ways in which international development programmes or individual projects have succeeded in addressing and solving a local problem in a disadvantaged community with a measurable and sustainable  increase in science literacy. Applications from all disciplines are invited but preference will be given to those projects which have focused on traditionally non-dominant members of society including women, minorities and the very poor. The recipient of the Innovation in Science Literacy Award 2017 will receive £5,000 (five thousand pounds sterling).

Applications for ISLA 2017 must be submitted via an online submission process no later than 30th June 2017

Further information 

  1. The ISLA is not intended as a grant to fund proposed activities - it is a one-time recognition or prize, for organisations that have created programmes and /or projects that are linking scientific discovery and increased social or personal knowledge with long term improvements in science literacy.
  2. If a EU-, UK- or US- based organisation works through a local organisation outside of those countries, the local organisation is encouraged to apply.
  3. There are several terms used to describe the interactions between science and the public. For the purposes of this Award, projects on subsets of science literacy, including but not limited to health, environment, agriculture, climate change and citizen science are all welcome.

ISLA is funded and administered by the Hardie Wren Development Initiatives (HWDI), a new NGO, and facilitated in collaboration with NIDA.

Visit the HWDI website for more detailed information and guidelines for applying for ISLA.