Lighting the Way: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future

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  • Report review

    This report was externally reviewed in draft form by 15 internationally renowned experts chosen for their diverse perspectives, technical knowledge, and geographical representation, in accordance with procedures approved by the IAC Board. The purpose of this independent review was to provide candid and critical comments that would help the IAC to produce a sound report that met the IAC standards for objectivity, evidence, and responsiveness to the study charge. The review procedure and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the deliberative process. The IAC wishes to thank the following individuals for their review of this report:
    Eric ASH, former Rector, Imperial College, London,UK
    Rangan BANERJEE, Professor, Energy Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, Mumbai, India
    Edouard BRÉZIN, Professor of Physics, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France; and former President, French Academy of Sciences
    CHENG Yong, Director and Professor, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Guangdong, China
    Adinarayantampi GOPALAKRISHNAN, Professor of Energy & Security, ASCI, Hyderabad, India
    Jack JACOMETTI, Vice President, Shell Oil Corporation, London, UK
    Steven KOONIN, Chief Scientist, British Petroleum P.L.C., London, UK
    LEE Yee Cheong, Member, Energy Commission of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur; and former President, World Federation of Engineering Organizations
    Isaias C. MACEDO, Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Planning, State University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
    Maurice STRONG, former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations; Secretary General, 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development
    Maurício TOLMASQUIM, President, Energy Research Company (EPE), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Engin TURE, Associate Director, International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies-UNIDO, Istanbul, Turkey
    Hermann-Josef WAGNER, Professor of Engineering, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
    Dietrich H. WELTE, former Professor of Geology, RWTH Aachen University; Founder, IES GmBH Integrated Exploration Systems, Aachen, Germany
    Jacques L. WILLEMS, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Engineering, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

    Although the reviewers listed above provided many constructive comments and suggestions, they were not asked to endorse the conclusions and recommendations, nor did they see the final draft of the report before its release.

    The review of this report was overseen by two review monitors:
    Ralph J. CICERONE, President, United States National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, USA
    R. A. MASHELKAR, President, Indian National Science Academy; and Bhatnagar Fellow, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

    Appointed by the IAC Co-Chairs, the review monitors were responsible for ascertaining that the independent examination of this report was carried out in accordance with IAC procedures and that all review comments were carefully considered. However, responsibility for the final content of this report rests entirely with the authoring Study Panel and the InterAcademy Council.