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  • Acknowledgements

    The Advisory Panel thanks the InterAcademy Council Board, and especially Bruce Alberts, Goverdhan Mehta, and Lu Yongxiang, for recognizing the urgency of the topic and providing the Advisory Panel with the opportunity to undertake this project.

     The Advisory Panel acknowledges the many individuals and organizations that have shared information and provided leads and suggestions that have helped shape the report.

    The science academies that replied to the Advisory Panel questionnaire, circulated by the InterAcademy Panel, deserve our gratitude for sharing their experiences and concerns: Albanian Academy of Sciences; Australian Academy of Science; Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Royal Society of Canada; Chinese Academy of Science; Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales, Colombia; Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences, India; Royal Irish Academy; Royal Scientific Society, Jordan; Kenya National Academy of Sciences; Mongolian Academy of Sciences; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; Royal Society of New Zealand; National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines; Academy of Science of South Africa; National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka; Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences; Turkish Academy of Sciences; Royal Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society of London, United Kingdom; National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences, United States; and the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS). Their input and suggestions are woven throughout the report.

    We thank Jennifer Campbell, L’Oréal, Paris; and Samantha Mattingly, L’Oréal, U.S.A., for hosting the full panel meeting in February 2005, and for their many acts of hospitality and support during that week.

    The Advisory Panel consulted with numerous individuals during the past year. Ana Maria Cetto and Keiko Sugimoto attended and contributed to the full Advisory Panel meeting. The co-chairs gratefully acknowledge consultations, following the Panel meeting, with Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Eugene Stanley, Alberto Robledo, and Marcia Barbosa.

    Johanna (Anneke) Levelt Sengers acknowledges input and advice from Windsong Bergman; Suzanne Brainard; Catharine Didion; Mildred Dresselhaus; Ruth Fassinger; Judy Franz; Sandra Greer; Beverly Karplus Hartline; Shirley Malcom; Elisabeth Martinez; Eugenie Mielczarek; Vera Rubin; Vicky Wilde; NIST colleagues Sally Bruce; Elizabeth Hessel; and Magdalena Navarro; as well as Édouard Brézin, Yves Quéré, and Volker Ter Meulen.

    Manju Sharma acknowledges Hamida Abdi, Vineeta Bahl, Mahtab Bambji, Anuradha Lohia, and Vineeta Sharma from India for providing valuable inputs.

     Jan Peters thanks Mary Osborn, Teresa Rees, Virginia Valian, and Susan Vinnicombe for their thoughts and input.

    The InterAcademy Council secretariat, headquartered at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam, provided support, guidance, and hospitality. Willem Levelt, President of KNAW and member of the IAC when the project took shape, played a major enabling role in that process. Regarding guidance, special gratitude is due to Albert Koers, IAC Executive Director, who put the project on track, and his successor, John Campbell, who coached it through the rigorous IAC reviewing procedures. Their advice on matters of international protocol was invaluable. Margreet Haverkamp expertly took care of the travel arrangements surrounding the full panel meeting, and of the numerous visits to Amsterdam of the co-chairs and study director. Special thanks are due to Laura van Veenendaal, who acted as liaison for interactions with academies and with panel members, and provided staff support for the full panel meeting, co-chairs’ visits to Amsterdam, and in assembling the report.

    Judy Hemingway and Jan Peters collected a large part of the information, data, and references presented in this report. For assistance with writing, editing, and publishing the Advisory Panel thanks Ellen Bouma, Sheldon Lippman, and Steven Marcus.

    The Advisory Panel is especially grateful to L’Oréal, Paris; the Netherlands Ministry of Education; the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; and an anonymous donor for generously providing the financial support for the project.

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