Enhancing the Capacity of African Science Academies

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  • Appendix B: Use Made of ASADI Funds by the ASADI-Supported Academies

    Use made of ASADI funds by the primary partners. All sums here and elsewhere in this report are in US dollars.[18]


    Description Amount
    Oversight 4,031,387.99
    Annual Meeting and Learning Collaboration 2,751,277.09
    Evaluation 770,076.03
    CAS 383,227.71
    GAAS (Ghana) 66,021.77
    KNAS (Kenya) 62,300.52
    NAS 3,572,846.28
    ANSTS (Senegal) 62,555.36
    ASSAf 2,520,504.80
    UNAS 4,403,062.29
    EAS 355,528.03
    AAS 41,488.93
    Partnership Development (Yr 1) 979,723.20
    Total: 20,000,000











    Source: ASADI
    Note: Does not include funds from interest earned on the award that supported ASADI-related activities during 2015.


     description for EASFundsUse
    Source: EAS

    description for ASSAf_Funds_Use
    Source: ASSAf

     description for CAS_Funds_Use
    Source: CAS

     description for NAS_Funds_Use
    Source: NAS

    description for UNAS_Funds_Use
    Source: UNAS

    18. Amounts reported by ASADI and by the African academies may differ due to the timing of payments and reporting, differences in exchange rate accounting, and for other reasons.