Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking: Strategies for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals


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  • Nov22017
    Nov 02 2017 - Nov 03 2017 Third Working Group Meeting
    IAP-Research’s three-year project “Improving scientific input to global policymaking” continues apace, with its international working group meeting in Beijing earlier this month.  Generously hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the meeting focused on defining the ...
  • Jul162017
    Jul 16 2017 - Jul 18 2017 Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies Making science "cool" again
    Robin Crewe, Peter Fritz and Tracey Elliott represented the IAP/Carnegie projects at the  3rd Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies  (WWMYA) and, preceding this, the SA Young Academy’s (SAYAS)  Annual Young Scientist Conference . These brought together more than 60 ...
  • Feb12017
    Feb 01 2017 - Feb 02 2017 Second Working Group Meeting
    A key objective of this project is to explore opportunities for global science advice, in the context of the SDGs, and how academies in particular can play a more active role.  But do we know enough to be able to do this? This was the task for the second Working Group meeting held in Paris ...
    Paris, France
  • Aug162016
    Aug 16 2016 - Aug 17 2016 First Working Group Meeting
    The Working Group on Improving Global Policymaking for the SDGs met for the first time in New York, U.S. on August 16 - 17, 2016.  In a closed two-day meeting, the Working Group agreed the Terms of Reference, heard from guest speakers, and mapped the next steps of the project. ...
    New York, U.S.