Harnessing Science, Engineering, and Medicine to Address Africa’s Challenges

Working Group Terms of Reference

Harnessing Science, Engineering, and Medicine to Address Africa’s Challenges

InterAcademy Council – IAP for Research

Terms of Reference

IAC/IAP-R will undertake a three-year project aimed at mobilizing African leaders in science, engineering and medicine, along with partners and stakeholders from around the world, in developing and implementing new approaches to addressing a range of challenges facing individual countries, regions, and the continent as a whole.

A working group will be appointed to oversee the project. Assisted by professional staff, the working group will:

  • Organize up to four forum events that explore how science, engineering, and medicine can be more effectively utilized to address important African challenges. Participants will include academy members and other experts on the topic from Africa and around the world, representatives of African governments and inter-governmental organizations, African and global donor organizations, industry, academia and civil society organizations,
  • Prepare summary reports of the forum events and a final consensus report that explores crosscutting issues that emerge,
  • Oversee the award of seed grants to African academies and academy partnerships aimed at building on successful efforts of the past decade that have strengthened the capacity of African academies to advise their governments and perform other service for their societies.

The project will engage African and non-African leaders in science, engineering and medicine, African governments, bodies such as the United Nations and the African Union, the global donor community, industry, and other stakeholders in activities that demonstrate the value of independent policy advice provided by academies.