Young Physician Leaders (YPL)

YPL Directory

The IAP Young Physicians Leaders (YPL) Directory is an interactive data-base listing the names of those who have participated in the YPL programme since its inception in 2011.

Each YPL has a profile page that shows their career history, specialization and indicates their current affiliation. Also included is an overview map for easy location of our alumni

The Directory also allows CVs and journal articles to be uploaded , as well as permitting  links to relevant online news items.

Why have we created the Directory ?

The Directory has been designed to foster collaboration between  the YPL alumni as well as with  individuals outside the programme looking for potential collaborators. 

To date the database contains the details of our 191 YPL alumni.

Thanks to the overview map, searchable areas of expertise and direct links to short biographies and contact information, visitors can easily identify their fields of interest.


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