Symposium 6 - Transforming the Health Sector: Building Health Capacity

September 28, 2017 14:00 – 15:20
Focus on developing economies (Morocco)

Abstract:Transforming Health Sector, Health Capacity Building. Focus on Developing Economies
Prof. Rajae El Aouad, Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology. Morocco

Background: The main impulses, which led to the extensive international debate and analysis on capacity building, were the failures in development cooperation to produce sustainable results and  the need to strengthen the state and its institutions after the negative experiences of structural adjustment policies, which emphasised the minimalist role of state and radical downsizing of the public sector.

Context: Almost all developing countries face several challenges arising from their national, regional and global socioeconomic and public health environments. National capacities for policy development and implementation to address the high disease burden remain weak with reduced ability to take advantage of opportunities. This is compounded by ... More

Focus on emerging economies (Brazil)

Brazil, a South America and BRICS country with continental dimensions and vast geographical and social inequalities. It is a complex and very urbanized country that in the past three decades is undergoing rapid economic, social, and environmental changes. Social policies have defined changes in the main social determinants of health, and a profound reorganization of the health services is under way. The creation of the Unified Health System(SUS) has substantially increased the coverage and access to health services. A defining characteristic of SUS is that it has been developed with intense civil society participation rather than by governments and international organizations. SUS increased access to health care for a substantial proportion of the Brazilian population, in particular, the poorest part of it.   The objective here is to present an overview of the development of the Brazilian health system, focusing on the reform process ... More

Focus on developed economies - Canada

As a developed economy, Canada expends 10.9% of its GDP or $219 billion annually in healthcare which equates to $6105 per capita. This places it approximately sixth of OECD countries in terms of expenditures on health. As health care is principally a provincial priority this is approximately 39 to 43% of total provincial expenditures.

Yet despite this very significant investment, our health outcomes are average at best. This may be because our expenditures are principally focussed around the acute care sector (hospitals 30%, drugs 16%, physicians 15%) and there has been declining investment in the social determinants of health while public health accounts for approximately 1.8- 2.5% of total healthcare expenditures.
There is increasing recognition that while some health outcome parameters continue to improve others have not shown the same degree of improvement and this has been attributed to increasing social inequity ... More