IAP Governance

Strategic Plan

IAP has produced three Strategic Plans in recent years. Building on the first two Plans, IAP reaffirms its vision and mission statements and will now build on and consolidate its achievements and create new opportunities under six strategic priorities during the period 2013-2015, namely:

I. Positioning IAP and IAP members as recognized and independent providers of high quality global science advice

II. Championing science education

III. Promoting accurate and effective science communication

IV. Strengthening existing academies and establishing new ones

V. Strengthening IAP operation and fund-raising strategy

VI. Strengthening partnership with other organizations.

SPIII, endorsed by the IAP General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro in February 2013, can be downloaded HERE.

Statutes and Rules of Procedure *

Download the IAP Statutes and Rules of Procedure (pdf file) adopted by the IAP General Assembly in February 2013, in Rio de Janeiro.


* For countries where no national academy of sciences has been established, IAP has compiled some ideas to assist with the establishment of an academy, revised and updated in 2015. The document is intended as a source of inspiration and ideas for individuals who may wish to establish a new Academy of sciences or engineering or medicine. Follow the link to download the 'Statutes of the Academy of Sciences of Country_X'.

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