IAP Statement Process

Article 5: Statements

If a Member of the Executive Committee or any other IAP Member proposes an important topic of scientific or societal concern for issuing an IAP statement, such proposal shall be brought to the attention of the IAP Co-Chairs. If the IAP Co-Chairs determine that it is desirable for IAP to issue such a statement, they shall propose to the Executive Committee to convene a drafting group of at most five internationally recognized experts on the subject matter of the statement under consideration.

5.2       If the Executive Committee approves the proposal, all IAP member academies shall be informed without delay of the convening of the drafting group, requesting them to provide input in the work of the group and to identify scientists to be consulted by the drafting group.

5.3       The drafting group, working through electronic communication, shall prepare a draft statement in the shortest possible time, consulting other internationally recognized experts as necessary.

5.4       The IAP Co-Chairs shall review the draft statement to determine whether or not it meets IAP standards, such as it being limited in length, has a clear message on an important issue and addresses a well-defined group of decision-makers.

5.5       If a statement is approved by the IAP Co-Chairs, the draft statement shall be submitted to the Executive Committee and, with approval of the Executive Committee, be submitted to all IAP member academies for endorsement within one month. If a member academy does not respond within the deadline set when submitting the draft statement for endorsement, that member academy shall be deemed to endorse the draft statement.

5.6       When more than one-fifth of all IAP member academies explicitly decline to endorse a draft statement, the draft statement shall not be endorsed as an IAP statement.

5.7       Once a draft statement has been endorsed by at least four-fifth of all IAP member academies, the draft statement shall be issued as an IAP Statement without mentioning the names of the academies that endorsed it or that declined to endorse it.


Article 6: Publications

6.1       The IAP name or logo cannot be used on any publication without the express permission of the IAP Co-Chairs.

6.2       When appropriate, the IAP Co-Chairs can appoint an ad hoc review committee to review publications that request the use of the IAP name or logo.

6.2.1    The ad hoc review committee is charged with evaluating the proposed publication to ensure the accuracy and balance of a publication so as to safeguard the credibility and reputation of IAP.


Please Note: This description of the IAP statement process is an excerpt from the IAP Statutes and Rules of Procedures, adopted by the General Assembly in February 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.