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A vibrant scientific community requires the input of scientists of all ages. Also, as the speed of scientific advances accelerates, young scientists are often at the forefront of new developments. IAP therefore has programmes to support the careers of young scientists, especially allowing them to attend meetings focused at the science-policy interface. IAP also supports the Global Young Academy (GYA) and engages its members in various IAP committees and working groups. Likewise, IAP encourages the formation of national young academies in countries where they do not yet exist, as well as links between such young academies and the senior academies that make up IAP's membership.

Below is a list of relevant meetings, projects, press releases, programs, articles, statements, reports, forums etc. related to young scientists. This listing does not contain all IAP website content; items are selected for inclusion based on – how recently they have been posted and - their popularity among site visitors.

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