2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

The lAP project "Improving scientific input to global policymaking"

Professor Eva Alisic, lAP Project Co-Chair, the lAP SDGs project (Presentation)

Academies provide a wealth of research expertise and insight that can support global policy making in general and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular. The lnterAcademy Partnership project "Improving scientific input to global policymaking" homed in on the SDGs, aiming to mobilize academies, build capacity, and increase collaboration with a range of stakeholders, such as the UN Regional Commissions. The 3-year initiative involved a) an exploratory survey among the lAP membership; b) the development of a guide for academies to 'demystify' the SDGs; c) the creation of a database of relevant academy reports; and d) extensive engagement with academies and other stakeholders through regional workshops and other outreach activities.

This presentation will give an overview of the project, its findings, its main outcomes and its recommendations for academies and external partners going forward.