2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

Engaging with the SDGs: A Global Young Academy perspective

Professor Yoko Shimpuku, Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan (Presentation)

The Global Young Academy has been dedicating to SDGs in two ways. The first is through its members, e.g., our Working Groups are aligned with the SDGs 3 (Global Health), 4 (Science Education and Outreach/Global  State of Young Scientists: GloSYS), 5 (Women in Science/GioSYS),  10 (Global Migration and Human Rights/GioSYS), 15 (DIY Biology), 16 (At-Risk Scholars), and 17 (Science Advice). The details are on our website https://globalyoungacademy. netlsdgs/. The second is through our role as facilitator for the global National Young Academy (NYA) network, especially in the ways that we help to bring them together. Our members and NYA nominees participated in the lAP regional SDG meetings in 2018; and we also coordinated the joint statement on the role of young academies in the UN SDGs in 2017 as the outcome of Worldwide Meeting for Young Academies in 2017, which was held in Johannesburg  with 60 representatives from 35 Young Academies. In the statement, we described our belief that Young Academies around the world can contribute successfully to national, regional and global SDGs processes using science, research and innovation. To leverage science to attain evidence­ based policymaking and to deliver tangible outcomes on the livelihood of societies, we must work together in partnership.