2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

IAP’s strategic plan: an inter-academy road map to 2030?

Dr. Teresa Stoepler, Executive Director, lAP for Research
Dr. Peter McGrath, Coordinator, lAP for Science

The previous lAP strategic planning period (2016-2019) saw new projects, new partnerships and novel ways for academies to work together. Lessons learned and fresh insights from these activities have helped to shape lAP's next strategic plan (2019-2022),  which will be open for discussion and presented for approval by lAP members during the 2019 General Assembly. In the same period, the landscape of global science has evolved with new and reconfigured players providing scientific thinking and advice on increasingly  complex and urgent issues, many of them encapsulated in the SDGs. lAP must work to its unique strengths to help identify evidence-based solutions to these issues. The lAP Secretariat heads will set out lAP's unique strengths, drawing on learning from (1) recent innovative projects (notably the FNSA interregional and Carnegie projects); (2) closer relations with the global policymaking  community (including parts of the UN system) and global assessment programmes  (for example, its observer status to the Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change, IPCC); (3) more active participation in global science fora (such as the World Science Forum and World Health Summit); and (4) the continued streamlining of its structure into a more integrated partnership, underpinned by active regional networks with the aim of further engaging lAP's academy members. The Secretariat heads will then provide highlights of the draft strategic plan (2019-2022),  and identify where supporting the SDGs can help lAP and its members meet the proposed objectives.