2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

Food Security Prospective and Strategic Plan for Korea

Professor Hyun Jin Park, Dept. of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Korea University (Presentation)

This presentation consists of 3 parts: 1. Forecasting  future food supply  and demand in the Korean peninsula, 2. Potential food production capacity of Korea, and 3. Sug­gestions to achieve food security in Korea. When preparing for the unification of South and North Korea, forecasting future food supply and demand is essential to secure food  for the 80 million people who inhabit the Korean Peninsula. Although South Korea's economy has reached the level of advanced countries, it is still mostly dependent on imported food. In addition, North Korea has been suffering from severe fa­mine. Therefore, food security in the Korean Peninsula is an important issue. This presentation analyses the current food si­tuation in South and North Korea, discusses this issue and presents potential im­ provement strategies taking into account both dietetics and anthropology. We esti­mated potential food production capacity of North Korea and forecasted grains supply and demand in the Korean Peninsula as­suming unification happens in a near future. We also compared the food industry of South Korea with that of North Korea, and forecasted the outlook for food supply and demand after the unification. It could be a blessing that there is really a chance for unification of the two Koreas. To achieve it, we should control the selfishness, keep social justice alive, and build a good society based on equality, without any repression. We should respect each other, and make a society  where residents of North Korea want to live together with those of South Korea. This is something deeper than the economic gains that a future unification could bring: is the way in which Korea could become a true developed country.