2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

InterAmerican Network of Academies of Science (IANAS)

Professor Jeremy McNeil, Co-Chair, IANAS (Presentation)

IANAS took a somewhat different approach than the other three regional networks due to the obvious intercountry differences when considering factors such as economics,  climatic conditions and crop diversity. We prepared a general framework which each country used to prepare a book chapter that assessed their nations situation. This required the mobilization of 232 scientists from different countries to work towards a common goal, but it was our believe that nation- specific documents would be the most useful documents for Academies when interacting with their national policy makers. It became clear from the country reports that (i) together the Americas have a great potential to contribute to the future global needs with respect to food production and (ii) that within the Americas the Caribbean is the region that will be the most negatively affected with respect to food security and sustainable agriculture. Clearly, these both relate to SDG 17 "Partnerships for the Goals" as suitable outcomes will only be result from concerted international efforts. In addition to the country chapters, there were special features, that addressed issues relevant to specific SDGs. For example, there is a chapter "Factors relating to gender and food security/insecurity" that directly relevant to SDG 5 on Gender Equity.