2019 IAP Conference and General Assembly

Cognitive AI and Incremental Machine Learning

Professor O.K. Baek, Research Fellow & Head, Federal Research Agency of Korea, ETRI (Presentation)

In this opening presentation, the presenter will discuss the capabilities and shortcomings of today's AI technologies, i.e., what today's AI is and is not and what it can do and cannot do. AI is out of the research laboratories and into our living room. It is changing the way companies do business, governments provide public services, and even the socioeconomic behaviors of ordinary people. Businesses in all sectors are jumping onto the "AI wagon" to improve operational efficiency and to gain competitive advantages. Meanwhile, there are headlines predicting mass unemployment  and portraying AI as a potential threat to human civilization. With the arrival of the Information Age and its knowledge-based economy, human civilization is going through another technological revolution called the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which is aiming at augmenting our mental capability. Applications of today's AI technology will be reviewed to assess the constraints inherent in today's AI technologies as well as its capabilities and potential to accelerate the realization of the SDGs. As a case study, the presenter will also discuss the opportunities to exploit AI for enabling preventative healthcare and precision medicine and for mitigating health risks associated with air pollution caused by fine particulate matters.