Biodiversity - 2010

22 May 2010 was the International Day of Biodiversity.
Re-visit the recommendations in the official IAP conference Communiqué issued by the Delegates at the IAP Conference on Biodiversity, the first event organized in January 2010 to launch the International Year of Biodiversity ...

The IAP Conference on Biodiversity took place at The Royal Society in London in January 2010, launching the International Year of Biodiversity.

The IAP Conference on Biodiversity explored ways in which to map the economic value of ecosystems and the other benefits they provide for human populations.  The Delegates from around the world heard examples of innovative and successful management techniques from around the world, and crucially, identified priorities and gaps in the science.  The Royal Society hosted the event, and the Society’s representative on the UK advisory group of the International Year of Biodiversity is Professor Georgina Mace FRS, one of the world’s leading experts on conserving biodiversity and one of the driving forces behind the rigorous scientific criteria by which species are judged to be endangered, vulnerable or critically endangered.

Professor Mace: “IAP's general assembly at the Society in January coincided with the international biodiversity conference, bringing together representatives from academies around the world. We reviewed the role that biodiversity plays in particular supporting soil formation and water cycling, sustainable fisheries, climate and disease regulation, cultural and aesthetic values. The meeting highlighted the most pressing needs but in particular focused especially on identifying the role that innovative science can play in reversing the trends." Follow the links below for more information.


>Background summary (PDF, 708kb)

>Conference programme

>Abstracts of scientific lectures

>Profiles of speakers and panelists

>Royal Society News

>Communique issued by the Conference Participants

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