The InterAcademy Medical Panel on Global Health Issues (IAMP) is a voluntary association of academies of medical sciences and academies of sciences and engineering with a medical section. IAMP seeks to create and support strong and vibrant academies and networks of academies to advance evidence-based efforts that improve health worldwide, especially in low-income countries. The objectives are:
  1. Facilitate the provision of evidence-based advice to governments and international organizations on issues of importance to global health;
  2. Assist in the creation of academies where none exist, and to build the capacity of existing academies to provide evidence-based health and science advice to their national governments and the public;
  3. Promote cooperation among academies of the world by exchanging information and sharing expertise;
  4. Support member academies to improve health and strengthen health-related research and higher education, in their countries;
  5. Support the development of leadership skills among young physicians worldwide;
  6. Organize scientific meetings, workshops, conferences and outreach-events, and issue consensus statements on matters of importance to global health; and
  7. Develop partnerships and collaborations with other health-related international/regional organizations and networks beyond the inter-academy community which share its goals.
The agenda of the IAMP SAP-II is shaped by the opportunities and challenges that present themselves to IAMP in today’s world, namely: globalization, the importance of evidence-based advice, the resources for global health, transforming the role of academies, and the post-2015 development agenda. The Strategic Priority Areas have been aligned with the objectives:
SPA 1. Positioning IAMP and IAMP members as recognized providers of independent, high quality evidence-based advice on pressing health issues of global and national importance;
SPA 2. Building and strengthening capacity of IAMP member academies as well as developing capacities for establishing new ones;
SPA 3. Fostering a new generation of physician leaders;
SPA 4.Strengthening partnerships with other organizations within and beyond the InterAcademy community; and
SPA 5. Strengthening IAMP operations through fund-raising. 
IAMP Strategic Action Plan II Committee:
Prof. George Griffin, Academy of Medical Sciences, UK
Dr. C. Padilla, National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines
Dr. J. Volmink, Academy of Science of S. Africa
Prof. Lai Meng Looi, Academy of Sciences, Malaysia
(17 May 2014)
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