IANAS-OWSD Research Prize - call for nominations

Thu, December 01, 2011

The IANAS Women for Science Working Group has received funding from the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) for a new prize, the IANAS-OWSD Prize for one outstanding advanced female graduate student in the sciences, mathematics or engineering. The prize will allow the awardee to enrich her PhD experience by her participation in research at a university or other research institute for a period of several months in a different IANAS country of her choice.

Attached is a call for nomination for this new prize. Each qualifying academy may nominate one candidate, and the IANAS office will direct the process of selection of the best candidate among those nominated. The call for nominations contains guidelines for the academy, eligibility criteria for the candidate, and the information your selected candidate needs to provide to the home academy about her PhD topic, home institute and adviser, as well her proposed host institute and research plan. A template of the application form is also attached, to be filled out by your candidate.

· Please acknowledge receipt of this message and attachments on arrival.
· Please notify the IANAS Office no later than November 15 whether your academy is intending to participate in the nomination of a candidate.
· Please notify the IANAS Office as soon as your academy has selected the candidate (even before the candidate has developed a detailed work plan), and no later than December 12. 2011.
· Your academy will collect the information requested from your candidate, and will submit the complete application package electronically to the IANAS Office by January 31, 2012.

USA: Johanna Anneke Levelt Senger
Mexico: Judith Zubieta
SC IANAS Co-Chairs

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