National Academy of Sciences of Honduras
c/o Jose Cecilio del Valle University Colonia Humuya, Avenida Altiplano, Calle Poseidón Tegucigalpa Honduras
Phone 1+504 99909906

The National Academy of Sciences of Honduras (Academia de Ciencias de Honduras) was established with support from the Ministry of Planning and the Science and Technology Council of Honduras on 30 November 1983. It became a legal entity on 7 August 1985. The Academy had 10 founding members and its first president was the physicist Professor Marco Antonio Zúniga. The Academy currently has 40 members. Membership is upon scientific merit, with candidates having to organize a scientific colloquium before becoming a full member of the Academy. The Academy is currently in the process of establishing scientific sections, for Biology, Medicine & Physics. More will be established according the membership structure. The Academy is hosted at the José Cecilio del Valle University in Tegucigalpa.

The Academy’s main objectives are:

  • To contribute to scientific and technological development of Honduras
  • To cooperate with public and private institutions, on a national or international level, to formulate policies for technological development
  • To support the development of national scientists and researchers
  • To provide institutional structures for scientists and researchers from Honduras to focus their work on issues of relevance to Honduras
  • To work together with research institutions from other countries
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