Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS)

The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan and is a regional leader in the fields of science & technology.

With the vast expertise accumulated by RSS over the years, it has established itself as a pioneer within the broader international scientific community. The RSS laboratories are nationally & internationally accredited with close personal co-operative ties with local, regional, and international scientific organizations. 

Supported by more than 500 science specialists, researchers, technical support staff, highly skilled management, and faculty, the RSS has truly become recognized as a local, regional and international research and development hub.

At RSS being customer–centric simply means having an unwavering commitment to the people of Jordan. The RSS continuously strives to improve its standing as a point of reference for scientific knowledge and technical awareness, where quality standards and public health become equal and totally uncompromised.