Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA)

The Government of the Republic of Montenegro founded the Scientific Society of Montenegro, on 23rd October 1950. The Society was active till 1956. The Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro passed the Law on the Society for Science and Arts of Montenegro, on 12th October 1971 year. In compliance to the Law, the Registry Commission was formed, which on its session of 6th March 1973 reached the decision on election of the first members of the Society. The Constitutive Session of the Society for Science and Arts of Montenegro was held on 10th July 1973 year. The total number of the first elected members of the Society was 42, out of which 25 were full members (academicians) and 17 corresponding (foreign) members. The Parliament of Republic Montenegro decided on 10th March 1976, to transform the Society of Science and Arts of Montenegro to The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA).

The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts is constituted by Law as the highest national institution in the field of science and arts in Montenegro. The Academy with its activities strives for freedom of science and art, organizes, initiates and implements the scientific research, by itself or in cooperation with other scientific institutions; organizes, alone or in cooperation with others, scientific meetings, symposia, scientific debates, consultations and exhibitions, takes part in establishing the programmes of scientific and artistic importance for the country; assists in training of young scientists and artists; issues publications in the field of science and arts; promotes scientific and artistic critique; collects, arranges and studies materials in the field of science and arts; initiates, proposes and provides opinions to state authorities and other policy makers on improvement of conditions for scientific and artistic work; cooperates with scientific, cultural, economic and professional organizations and institutions in the country and abroad.

The new Law on the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts was passed on 27 February 2012 (Official Gazette of Montenegro no. 14, March 7, 2012).

At present, The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts has 44 members (30 full and 14 associated members) and 31 corresponding members. The elections for Academy members are performed every third year. The number of members is not limited, however, on occasion of each election, the number of members is determined by the Academy.

The supreme governing body of MASA is the Assembly, and its executive organ is the Academy Presidency, which is constituted by: president, vice president, secretary general and division secretaries. The Academy includes four divisions: Division of Natural Sciences, Division of Social Sciences, Division of Humanities and Division of Arts.

Special units within the Academy are:

  • the Institute for language and literature “Petar II Petrovic Njegos”
  • Centre for energy and ecology - ENEKO Centre
  • Lexicographic Centre
  • Centre of young scientists

Committees. In order to perform its activities, Academy holds permanent and project committees (25). The Committees gather over 300 associates, renowned scientists and artists from universities, scientific institutes and art associations.

The current work of the Academy is realized through the following activities:

  • Scientific-research and art projects
  • Organization of scientific meetings, round tables and scientific discussions
  • Organization of lectures
  • Publishing activity
  • International cooperation
  • Exhibitions

Scientific-research and artistic projects. All Academy members are engaged in scientific-research and artistic projects. Up to now, the work has been carried out on 192 projects from natural, social sciences, humanities and arts. The Academy was a coordinator of numerous capital projects, among which The Encyclopedia of Montenegro and Montenegro in the XXI century – in the era of competitiveness.

Encyclopedia of Montenegro. The Parliament of Montenegro on 29th June 1991 issued the Law by which the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts takes over activities on the preparation of Encyclopedia of Montenegro. The Council and Editorial board of Encyclopedia of Montenegro were constituted on 6th June 1996. The Parliament of Montenegro at its session of 7 March 1997 adopted the Concept of the Encyclopedia of Montenegro. The Encyclopedia of Montenegro was planned to be printed in 3 volumes. Several versions of the General Alphabetic were made, alphabetic by professions, by thematic areas and groupings. The working version of the General Alphabetic was adopted at the session of the Editorial board of 30th June 1998, and introduced to the professional and scientific community. The General Alphabetic remained open for corrections of references according to the established criteria. The last version of the General Alphabetic for Volume I of Encyclopedia of Montenegro (A-I) included 3,796 semantic items. The Alphabetic of Volume II included 3,884 items, and the Alphabetic of the Volume III 2,654 items. The Academy was financed from the Republic budget for the work on this project in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 2000 year, the activities on this project were abandoned, due to lack of finances from the state budget.

The Project Montenegro in the XXI century – in the era of competitiveness was realized on the basis of Memorandum, which Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts signed with the Government of Montenegro, on 14th April 2009. The project consisted of 10 subprojects: Living environment and sustainable development, Economic development, Integration into European and EuroAtlantic structures, Building and functioning of the state, Population aspects, Energy, Issues of values, Cultural environment, Education and Science and Technology. 145 associates were engaged on the project, mostly from Montenegro. Twelve books were published: first book (final document), which was translated in English, and 10 books of subprojects. The presentation of the final document of the project was held, with the participation of external evaluators and the representatives of Government of Montenegro. The promotion of the edition Montenegro in the XXI century – in the era of competitiveness was performed, as well.


Important activities of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts represent the organization of scientific meetings, symposia, round tables, discussions, as well as lectures. The scientific meetings (192 held) have contributed a great deal to Academy’s recognition. The topics of meetings included the actual scientific problems from all fields of science, culture and education.  Most of meetings are of the international character, in co-organization with scientific institutions from Europe and world. These meetings gathered numerous renowned scientists from the country and abroad.

The Academy organized together with Government of Montenegro or its relevant ministries round tables and discussions (56) on particular strategic documents related to Montenegro and acted as a supervisor of few strategic development projects.The members of the Academy held academic lectures (27). Esteemed scientists, from the country and abroad, among whom are the Nobel Prize winners and the Field’s medal holders, held lectures in MASA (188). The Academy organized exhibitions of artists members of MASA and of partner academies (14), in Montenegro and abroad.


Since its founding, attention has been devoted to the publishing activity. There are following editions, within the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts: Almanacs (38); Heralds of the Departments (DNS-19, DSS-20, DA-29); Proceedings from scientific meetings (108); Special editions –Monographs and studies (102); Special (selected) papers (25); Collections of papers (jubilees for academicians -11); Editions of Institute of Njegoš (10); Historical sources (8); Jubilees editions (5); Critical editions (10); Bibliographies (5); Dictionaries (2); Memorials to deceased members of the Academy (40); Catalogues (11); Editions of Lexicographic Institute (1); Joint editions (26).


The international cooperation of MASA, especially in the recent years, has become very active and versatile. MASA is an active member of the most important European and World associations of national academies of science and arts and scientific associations, and has signed bilateral agreements on co-operation with 24 national academies of science.

The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts is member of: Central and Eastern European Network of Academies – CEEN, European Federation of National Academies of Sciences (ALLEA – All European Academies), European Academy of Sciences and Arts – EASA, The Global Network of Science Academies – IAP, International Council for Science – ICSU, International Union of Academies – IUA / Union Academique Internationale – UAI, InterAcademy Council for South-Eastern Europe – IACSEE, Euro-Mediterranean Academy Network – EMAN.

The Academy has bilateral agreements on scientific cooperation with the following  academies of science, on the basis of which the exchanges of scholars and artists, and scientific projects and exhibitions are performed: Academy of Sciences of Albania, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Romanian Academy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Turkish Academy of Sciences, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italy), Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska, Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Royal Academy of Economic Sciences and Finances (Spain).

MASA Awards

To promote young scientists and artists the Academy, gives every third year the Award from the MASA Fund. In addition, each year it awards stipends to the best students of the universities of Montenegro. The Academy’s Art collection includes the paintings and sculptures of the members of MASA and other Montenegrin artists. MASA has the Library and Archive. The Library has over 100,000 monographic publications and periodicals. It exchanges the Academy’s publications with over a 100 libraries worldwide. The Academy holds five legacies – gift libraries consisting of more then 10,000 titles. The MASA Archive includes four funds relevant to Montenegro.