Eduardo Krieger
Eduardo Moacyr Krieger
Brazilian Academy of Sciences

After graduation in Medicine in 1953, he was scientifically trained in physiology by the group of Bernardo Houssay (Nobel Laureate in 1947) with Eduardo Braun Menendez, who discovered the angiotensin. He worked at the Department of Physiology of the Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, USP (1957-1985), where he became Emeritus Professor. At the Medical School of the University of São Paulo, he was the Head of the Hypertension Unit at the Heart Institute-InCor.HCFMUSP (1985-2010), having under his direction a multidisciplinary research group, including molecular biologists, physiologists and clinical doctors. He currently coordinates a Translational Cardiology Programme. From 1993 to 2007, he was the President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

He was also the Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries (COSTED) of the International Council of Science- from 1998 until 2002. He was elected co-chairman of the InterAcademy Pannel-IAP (2000-2003), representing Brazil at the Executive Committee of the InterAcademy Council-IAC (2000-2010), and the Inter-Academy Medical Panel (2010-2013). He is currently the director for International Relations of the Medical School of the University of São Paulo, member of the National Council of Science and Technology, and the Vice-President of São Paulo Research Foundation - FAPESP.

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