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IPBES looking for interdisciplinary experts

Mon, October 23, 2017

I would like to invite nominations for the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel by 4 December 2017.
The mandate of all members of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel will come to an end at the close of the 6th session of the Plenary, on 24 March 2018.
The Plenary will therefore be invited to elect 25 members, who are to be proposed by members of IPBES for nomination by regions and election by the Plenary.
Nominations should be made by filling out the online form and upload curricula vitae at this address: https://www.ipbes.net/mepnominationform. The guidance document (see below) provides all necessary information on the nomination and selection process, including information on who is eligible for re-election among the departing members.
I would like to draw your attention to:

  • the importance of a strong scientific expertise of the nominees in biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • the necessity to pay attention to a good balance between social and natural sciences on the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel, as well as to gender balance;
  • the necessity for members of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel to commit at least 20% of their time, and quite a bit more at times, which translates to roughly 10 weeks a year, with significant international travel;
  • the importance for candidates from developed countries to ensure that resources are available to support their participation in two MEP meetings per year, and several other IPBES meetings.

All nominations received will be made available on-line: http://www.ipbes.net/nominations/mep-2017
I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
Anne Larigauderie
IPBES Executive Secretary

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