Ta Thi Dieu Ngan
Ta Thi Dieu Ngan
National Hospital for Tropical Diseases
Ha Noi, Vietnam
+84 435766165
(c) +84 9364337085
YPL Nomination 2013

HaNoi Medical University: From 1/2011 PhD student on Infectious Diseases: CSM - Oxford University Certificate 11/2009 Randomised Controlled Trials Course: a guide to designe, control, analysis, interpretation and reporting: (one week training): HaNoi Medical University: Certificate 10/2009: Training course on management data and analysis data using stata 10: (one week training): Ministry of Health: Certificate 9/2009: Training course on Good Clinical Practice (2 days training): University Yves Saint Quentin (France): AFSA Certificate 11/2004-10/2005 Specialist on Infectious Diseases, one year working as resident doctor at La Pitie Salpetriere: HaNoi Medical University: Diploma: 9/1997-10/2000 Resident doctor on Infectious Diseases: University Paris VI Diploma: (Distance Learning) 1999 Specialist on Infectious and Tropical Diseases: HaNoi Medical University: Diploma 1996 Medical Doctor


Infectious Diseases

Dr Ta Thi Dieu Ngan is an Infectious Diseases Physician from the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (NHTD) and a lecturer in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Hanoi Medical University. She graduated from Hanoi Medical University as a medical doctor in 1996 and finished Infectious Diseases residency at NHTD, Hanoi Medical University in 2000. She completed one year fellowship on Infectious Diseases in Hospital LapitiÈ SalpÍtriËre, France in 2005. She has had many experiences on Infectious Diseases and has involved in various research such as viral hepatitis, dengue hemorragic fever, influenza, hand food and mouth diseases. Her articles have been published in the National and International journal. She is also the member of Scientific Commitee and the secretary of Ethic Committee of NHTD. Now she is the Vice director of Training Center, Head of Scientific Research Management Department, National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.
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