Projects Funded in 2010

2010 funded activities


  1. Bridging water research and management: enhancing water management capacity in the Americas- National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, Argentina (& IANAS)
  2. Promoting the water programme in Asia as a tool for the strengthening of the advisory role of science academies- Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ( & Academies of Jordan, Russia)
  3. Towards engineering harmony between water, ecosystem and society- Polish Academy of Sciences ( & EASAC)
  4. Establishment of NASAC water programme for Africa region - NASAC (& Academies of Kenya, S Africa, Senegal)


  1. Open institutional repositories infrastructure network for Central America and the Caribbean -Cuban Academy of Sciences (& Academies of Guatemala, Nicaragua)


  1. Global activities of the IAP Science Education Programme for 2010 - Academia Chilena de Ciencias (& ALLEA, NASAC, IANAS)
  2. Engendering science education: inquiry-based science education to benefit girls - Academy of Science of South Africa (& NASAC, TWOWS)


  1. A regional evaluation of the potential contribution of concentrated solar power to meeting Europe’s greenhouse gas targets - EASAC
  2. Towards a sustainable energy future in the Americas: implementing the recommendations of the IANAS workshop - US NAS (& Academies of Brazil, Mexico)


  1. Strengthening the participation of women and girls in science and engineering in the Americas - Academia Mexicana de Ciencias ( & USNAS, TWOWS)


  1. Strengthening the quality of science-policy dialogue and regional cooperation in providing advice to European policy-makers and legislators - EASAC  

Proposals approved in 2009:

1. GMOs in Africa: challenges and opportunities  - Academy of Science of South Africa

2. Primary Connections linking science with literacyAustralian Academy of Science

3. Science education for rural children in Sri Lanka through ICT - National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka

4. Global activities of the IAP science education programme 2009 - Academia Chilena de Ciencias

5. IANAS workshop on the science funding landscape in Central & South America - RSC: Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada

6. Strengthening collaboration between AASA Clean Water Programme and the IAP water programme workshop - Russian Academy of Sciences

Proposals approved in 2008:

1. Program on Digital Knowledge Resources and Infrastructure in Developing Countries
    Lead Academy: US National Academy of Sciences

2. IANAS Programme on Science Education
    Lead Academy: Colombian Academy of Sciences

3. Promoting Best Practices in Science Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Lead Academy: Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)

4. Bridging Water Research and Management 
    Lead Academy: Brazilian Academy of Sciences