Professor Andrew Balmford

Andrew BalmfordScientific lecture: Spatially explicit frameworks for evaluating ecosystem services

Presentation: Spatially explicit frameworks for evaluating ecosystem services (PDF, 1.73 MB)

Andrew Balmford is Professor of Conservation Science in the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge. His main research interests are the costs and benefits of effective conservation, quantifying the changing state of nature, conservation planning, evaluating the success of conservation interventions, and exploring how conservation efforts might best be reconciled with activities such as farming, especially in developing countries. He tackles these questions through fieldwork, analyses of large databases, and modelling, adopting interdisciplinary approaches where possible.

Andrew is keen to build close working relationships between conservation scientists and practitioners, and so helped establish the Cambridge Conservation Forum (a network of ~1000 conservation professionals from 40 NGOs, agencies and research groups), the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (building carefully targeted collaborations among 10 organisations) and the annual Student Conference on Conservation Science (which attracts ~200 young scientists from ~60 countries each year).