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IAP Young Scientists Dalian 2009

IAP and the World Economic Forum facilitated the participation of 60 outstanding young scientists in the 2nd IAP Conference of Young Scientists which was an integral part of the World Economic Forum's "Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009" which took place in Dalian, China, from 10-13 September 2009 and involved around 1500 participants.

The Meeting, this year on the theme "The new drivers of future growth" was organized on the basis of round table discussions with a number of sessions held in parallel.

A section of the overall programme was dedicated to "Innovation through Science and Technology". The World Economic Forum also invited selected young scientists to have speaking roles in sessions on “Innovative Growth” and “Preparing for the Post-Carbon Economy”, as well as a WorkSpace on "Groundbreaking Discoveries in Science" which took place on Saturday 12 September. The summary of the discussions and ideas emerging from the WorkSpace are available here.

IAP's exclusive workshop took place on the morning of Thursday 10 September 2009, bringing together young scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as young global leaders. The themes for two Sessions were: "Science education to create the innovators of the future", and "Research priorities and government/business/academia partnerships to address societal needs through innovation". IAP plans to allocate Young Scientists Awards 2009 for the most innovative and promising projects initiated between Young Scientists and the World Economic Forum’s business community during the “Summer Davos”. IAP is currently reviewing the proposals submitted.


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"Fantastic exposure to new ideas, broader perspectives, and a tremendous wide range of people and backgrounds... "

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++++ Key Results and Additional Information ++++

A Selection of Young Scientists Reports to their National Academies of Science: Click to download:

IAP Young Scientists"Facebook" 2009 and final list of participants 2009 (with details)

Download the "Special Programme for the IAP Young Scientists".

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Press Release (Chinese)

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+++++ Pilot Venture in 2008
Information on the first IAP Young Scientists Conference in conjunction with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008, held in Tianjin, is available here.