A Community of Young Scientists takes on global challenges at the “Summer Davos” in Asia at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions


Fri, September 16, 2011

Dalian, People’s Republic of China, September 16, 2011 —

A community of Young Scientists are meeting for the fourth time at the Annual Meeting of the New Champion’s, September 14-16, in Dalian, People’s Republic of China.

Forty-two Young Scientists from 23 countries have been invited to Dalian. They will spend the three days of the meeting addressing issues such as resource scarcity, effective decision making, and the development of new materials for emerging technologies.

The Young Scientists proactively interact and engage with other Communities around topics including development, growth, sustainability and quality.

“Given that science, technology and innovation is pivotal to economic advancement and societal benefit, the voice of the Young Scientists Community contributes importantly to the success of the meeting” - say Howard Alper and Mohamed Hassan, IAP Co-Chairs, and representatives of the community.

Previously invited communities of Young Scientists have pursued their interaction well beyond the Annual Meeting of New Champions and left lasting legacies, including the statement paper “Passion for Science, Passion for a Better World”; the Young Scientist - Entrepreneur grants program; the founding of the Global Young Academy: the voice of Young Scientists around the world and last year, and the Young Scientist’s Ambassador’s program. 

The community of Young Scientists represent innovative researchers under the age of 40 from around the world, nominated by national science academies, who have already demonstrated outstanding ability in their work. 


Notes for editors:

IAP is a global network of 104 science academies in 98 countries. 

IAP and its members believe that it is the responsibility of the world’s scientific community to contribute expertise and creativity to the solution of the world’s problems. In addition, they also believe that the scientific method and rigor has much to offer in the pursuit of just and fair societies, and the development of better international governance. Through the young scientists, nominated by national academies of science from around the world, IAP is committed to making the voice of science heard on issues of crucial importance to the future of humankind.

Joanna Lacey
Joanna Lacey