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Jakarta Indonesia
Dr. Finarya Legoh
Dr. Finarya Legoh
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AASSA Regional Workshop on SHER Communication

This AASSA / AIPI / KAST Regional Workshop on “SHER (Science, Health, Environment and Risk) Communication: Role of S&T Communication in Disaster Management & Community Preparedness” will be held on 8-9 December 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It will be jointly organized by the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA), the Korean Academy of Science & Technology (KAST), and supported by IAP – the global network of science academies, and the Agency for Assessment & Application of Technology (BPPT).

S&T communication does not come naturally for many scientists and engineers, although they are willing to get involved. They might need assistance. Media, on the other hand, often do not know where to find credible S&T stories or media friendly researchers. Strategies need to be developed to create a strong and open relationship between S&T and society, underpinned by effective S&T communication and its application. Science Literacy is a common grand challenge. To meet the challenge, Academies need to work jointly on Science Literacy to develop a regional discussion, especially to mutually benefit, analyzing and proposing diverse programs to improve SHER communication in Asia.

This workshop’s main topic is “SHER Communication,” with a focus on “Role of S&T Communication in Disaster Management and Community Preparedness.” The symposium should allow participants to consider how they can work together to solve problems of disasters, to find what approaches they should take, and to explore the better future. By using scientific approaches we help to create a better society. This would be a milestone in developing and enlarging the capacity to nurture and develop the regional network of effective SHER communication.

Three Sub-themes:
1) SHER Communication for Disaster Management
2) SHER Communication for Community Preparedness
3) ICT Applications for Disaster Prevention and Treatment

See Call for Abstracts below for further details.