Global Activities of the AIP Science Education Program for 2010

Jorge E. AllendeProfessor, Academia Chilena de Ciencias

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Title of proposalGlobal Activities of the AIP Science Education Program for 2010
Summary (200 word max.)The IAP Science Education Program (SEP) carries most of its activities through initiatives of the regional networks in the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and since 2009, also in Europe. However, there is a need to coordinate these activities and to convene the global community of academy-linked persons to address problems of relevance to all countries such as evaluation of inquiry-based science education and science teacher’s professional development. These topics are discussed in global conferences with experts from all regions and written reports of the conclusions are published by the IAP SEP. In 2010 we hope to convene a conference on introducing IBSE to secondary education. Coordination is carried out by the Global Activities Committee and by the SEP coordinator.
Key words (8 words max.)Global Coordination, Interregional cooperation, Transition of Inquiry -based method to secondary education
Project duration1 year
Partners(other IAP members and other organization)a) IIANAS (Las Americas) (see doc. attached) b) NASAC (Africa) (see doc. attached) c) ALLEA (Europa) (see doc. attached)
Requested budget (US$) (max. US$ 50,000)US$ 50.000
Budget Breakdown (max. 6 lines) 1.- Organization of Global Activities Committee to Plan Conference. US$ 15.000 2.- IAP International Conference on the Transition of the IBSE Method from Primary to Secondary Level of the Education. US$ 30.000 3.- Travel of Coordinator to Regional Meeting US$ 5000
Have you received IAP funding before? (YES NO)YES
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