Promoting the Water Programme in Asia as a tool for the Strengthening of the Advisory Role of Science Academies

Jun XiaProfessor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Project information
Title of proposalPromoting the Water Programme in Asia as a tool for the Strengthening of the Advisory Role of Science Academies
Summary (200 word max.)The present proposal aims the implementation of the actions of the IAP Water Programme in Asia in 2010. As a follow-up to the September 2009 regional meeting in Russia, the present proposal aims the organization of the 2010 Asian Meeting of the IAP Water Programme. Besides the evaluation of the actions implemented in 2009-2010, the proposed workshop will discuss follow-up activities. This activity will be organized by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and discussions will focus on climate change and water management problems and their solutions. This proposal has been considered of the utmost relevance by Center for Water Resources Research, CAS. The Center will support this activity, which will also be supported by the government of China. Resulting from this process, the programme will prepare a volume on "Impact of climate change on water resources and the adaptive strategy".
Key words (8 words max.)Empowerment of Science Academies; Water Management Capacity Building; Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Services; Integrated Water Resources Management on Climate Change; Science-Based Water Management; Water Quality for Ecosystem and Human Health; International Cooperation on Water Management.
Project duration1 year
Partners(other IAP members and other organization)The Association of Academies of Sciences in Asia (AASA) ;Royal Scientific Society;Siberian Branch - Russian Academy of Sciences
Requested budget (US$) (max. US$ 50,000)50,000.00
Budget Breakdown (max. 6 lines)Meeting of the National Focal Points of the IAP Water Programme in Asia (air tickets; hotel expenses; publication)
Have you received IAP funding before? (YES NO)YES
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