A regional evaluation of the potential contribution of concentrated solar power to meeting Europe’s greenhouse gas targets

Tracey ElliottDr, The Royal Society

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Title of proposalA regional evaluation of the potential contribution of concentrated solar power to meeting Europe’s greenhouse gas targets
Summary (200 word max.)This project will focus on European policy on concentrated solar power, but will endeavour to engage with academies and/or regional networks in North Africa, the Middle East and the US to share experiences and good practice as the project evolves, and give them a voice in the dialogue in Europe. Europe has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. A key element in the plan to achieve this target is to substantially increase the contribution of renewable energy resources: to 20% of the EU’s energy supply by 2020. Whereas the deployment of wind power as a key renewable energy source is relatively well advanced, progress on harnessing solar radiation directly has been slow. Yet the theoretical potential for power generation from the solar radiation resource in southern European countries and neighbouring countries in North Africa and the Middle East far exceeds current European electricity consumption, and technologies to harness the resource through ‘concentrated solar power’ have been in operation in California in the USA for some 20 years. The aim of the proposed study is therefore to provide an independent view for policy makers of the prospects for concentrated solar power in Europe and the developments that will be needed if its potential contribution to meeting the EU’s energy policy goals is to be realised. We anticipate forging partnerships with academies and regional networks in North Africa and the Middle East to share knowledge in this important policy area as it develops, and to learn from each other's experiences. Working as a regional network will also allow us to build a voice on policy advice in this area for some of the weaker academies in the network. While the focus will be on the European context, the findings of the study will be of interest to policy makers elsewhere in respect of the developmental and integrational challenges that need to be overcome in order for concentrated solar power to realise its potential in enabling the World to mitigate climate change. As such, it may well be of interest to other IAP academies and regional networks.
Key words (8 words max.)solar power; energy security; climate change; capacity building
Project durationMore than 1 year (max 3 yrs)
Partners(other IAP members and other organization)European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC)
Requested budget (US$) (max. US$ 50,000)50000
Budget Breakdown (max. 6 lines)Consultancy support to run project + T&S Working group costs Travel costs for presenters and meetings Inter-regional cooperation Briefing meetings, workshop, press conference in Brussels at end of project Production cost of report and distribution
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