Strengthening the participation of women and girls in Science and Engineering in the Americas

Juan Pedro LacletteDr., Mexican Academy of Sciences

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Cuernavaca, San Andrés Totoltepec, Tlalpan México, D.F., C.P. 14400
Project information
Title of proposalStrengthening the participation of women and girls in Science and Engineering in the Americas
Summary (200 word max.)Following on the IANAS Workshop on Women for Science, held in Mexico in April 2009, IANAS proposes to collaborate with the Third World Organization of Women in Science (TWOWS) - with inputs from the Gender Advisory Board of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (GAB-CSTD) and the UNESCO Chair on Women and Science and Technology in Latin America - to develop regional gender activities involving the IANAS member Academies, aiming at the strengthening of the participation of women and girls in Science and Engineering in the Americas. The proposed activities include:  1) Support the establishment of a IANAS Working Group on Women for Science (WG-WFS). IANAS will organize two planning meetings of this WG to develop a Plan of Action for the implementation of the recommendations of the IAC Women for Science Advisory Report and of the IANAS Women for Science Workshop Report. 2) Provide gender inputs to the IANAS Science Education Program. This will initially be developed through the organization of two panels during the 2010 Meeting of the National Focal Points of the IANAS Science Education Programme that will be held in Brazil. A one-day workshop with local teachers and Academy representatives will also be organized right after the IANAS Science Education Meeting.
Key words (8 words max.)Strengthening women participation in science and engineering; Providing gender inputs to science education; Gender; Women, Science, Engineering and Education interactions
Project duration1 year
Partners(other IAP members and other organization)Mexican Academy of Sciences (MAS); Third World Organization of Women in Science (TWOWS); US National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
Requested budget (US$) (max. US$ 50,000)US$ 30,000
Budget Breakdown (max. 6 lines)1. Two-day planning meeting (US$ 8,000); 2. Gender dimensions of inquiry-based science education (US$ 7,000); 3. One-day launch of the WFS regional network at the IANAS GA in Canada in 2010 (US$ 10,000); 4. Development of web resources on gender equality in science education (US$ 5,000)
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