Strengthening the Collaboration between the AASA Clean Water Programme and the IAP Water Programme Workshop

Alexander ZinovievHead of Laboratory of Hydrology and Geoinformatics, Scientific Secretary of the AASA Clean Water Programme, Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS

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Project information
Title of proposal"Strengthening the Collaboration between the AASA Clean Water Programme and the IAP Water Programme" Workshop
Partners (IAP member organizations)Chinese Academy of Sciences, Royal Scientific Society, AASA
Key words (8 max)AASA, Clean Water Programme, IAP Water Programme, Ecohydrology
Requested budget (US$)USD 25,000.00
Project duration3 days meeting in September of 2009
Summary (200 word max.)The proposed workshop aims the mobilization of Asian Academies in an effort to contribute to the enhancement of water management capacity and the improvement of the access to clean water in the continent. The workshop will discuss the embracement, by the AASA Clean Water Programme, of the capacity building component advocated by the IAP Water Programme. The building up of a stronger interaction between the two programs will generate a synergy that will amplify not only the cooperation among the Academies in the region, but also stimulate an important interchange of experiences with Academies from other regions of the globe. An important output will be the enhancement of the advisory roles and social relevance of the engaged Academies. Other anticipated outcomes and expected results are stronger interaction between the AASA Clean Water Program and the IAP Water Programme; enhance the cooperation between Asian Academies, AASA, FASAS and IAP on actions targeting the reduction of water scarcity and stress in Asia; increase the number of Asian Academies engaged on the IAP Water Programme; strengthening of the role of the Asian Science Academies as organizations that provide assistance to governments and society on water issues in the continent; increased knowledge of the water problems and actions implemented in the different subregions of Asia to cope with these; strengthening of the IAP Water Network in Asia, which can later be crucial for the future disclosure and implementation of the recommendations of the IAC Study Panel on Water.
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