GMO's in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Simon Takalani RambauLiaison Manager, Academy of Science of South Africa

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South Africa
Project information
Title of proposalGMO's in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
Partners (IAP member organizations)Uganda National Academy Sciences (UNAS) Network of African Science Acdemies (NASAC) Union Of German Academies of Sciences and Humanities
Key words (8 max)Genetically Modified Products, Challenges and Opportunities, IAp Programme, African Academies
Requested budget (US$)50 US $
Project duration23 Months
Summary (200 word max.)The Academy of Science of South Africa in collaboration with the Union of German Academies of Science and Humanities, The Network of African Science Academies and Uganda National Academies of Sciences propose a two-year project that will engage African scientists in assessing the current challenges, opportunities and risks associated with the use of genetically modified products. The project will consist of two panel meetings of experts and a workshop for policy makers, scientists and the media. The debate on the benefits and safety of genetically modified products has been going on since 2005 within African cuntries mainly initiated by commercial organisations and political authorities. Scientists have mostly been invited as individuals to participate in these GMO's discussions. The project will provide scientists with an opportunity to collectively assess the benefits and safety of GMO's within the region and provide evidence-based advice to their government authorities and other key decision makers.
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