Primary Connections - Linking Science with Literacy

Shelley PeersEducation and Public Awareness Manager/Managing Director Primary Connections Project, Australian Academy of Science

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02 26019424
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GPO Box 783 Canberra, 2601
Project information
Title of proposalPrimary Connections - Linking Science with Literacy
Partners (IAP member organizations)Australian Academy of Science Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies Association of Academies of Sciences in Asia
Key words (8 max)Inquiry-based science education; Sophisticated professional learning program
Requested budget (US$)$50 000
Project duration18 months
Summary (200 word max.)Primary Connections is an innovative program that links the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in the primary years of schooling. It is an exciting and effective approach to inquiry-based, investigative teaching and learning, which supports students' learning outcomes in both science and literacy. This is achieved through a professional learning program supported by quality curriculum resources that promote a hands-on approach to science. Primary Connections has been well conceptualised, developed collaboratively and undergone substantial trialling in classrooms across Australia. The project will foster collaboration to establish partnerships that assist countries with the design and development or adaptation of IBSE programs, which is a key recommendation from the Interacademy Panel Working Group Report.
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