Promoting Best Practices in Science Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Paul NampalaExecutive Secretary, Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)

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256 414 533044
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A4 Lincoln Flat Makerere University , P.O. Box 23911, Kampala, Uganda
Makerere University, Main Campus Kampala
Project information
Title of proposalPromoting Best Practices in Science Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Partners (IAP member organizations)Uganda national Academy of Sciences (Lead Applicant); Partners - Kenya National Academy of Sciences; Academie of Sciences et Techniques du Senegal (ASTS); Academy of Science of South Africa; Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) and National Academy of Sciences, US.
Key words (8 max)Science education, best practices, teaching and learning of sciences
Requested budget (US$)US$ 50,000 for 2009 and US $ for 2010
Project duration3 Years
Summary (200 word max.)The project on "Promoting Best Practices in Science Education (SE) in Sub-Saharan Africa" is on-going project initiated in 2008 with IAP support. It is designed to run for 3 years and will deliver the following a) contribute to formulation of favourable SE policies; b)establish best practices in teaching and learning of sciences; c) design mechanisms to disseminate established best practices in SE and promote quality assurance in implementation of SE programs; and provide a platform for exchange of experiences and promoting networking in SE sector.
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