Technological Entrepreneurship Education for Young Scientists and Engineers

October 25, 2017 AT 03:21 AM
Key Contacts

Israel Academy of sciences Korean Academy of Sciences AASA (more to be added) organize a two-day conference at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem on the subject of the potential and the benefit to mankind of technological entrepreneurship, ways to encourage it and ideas for synergetic international collaboration to promote building technological startups around the globe and in Asia in particular. We believe that young scientists and engineers are the best candidates for starting new technological ventures, mainly, but not only high-tech startups. We can also expose these young people to the notion that in order to promote cultural change in underdeveloped and developing countries young scientists and engineers can be motivated and taught how to create new startups in their own countries. This is an alternative to working for an existing company in their country or abroad. Governments should help in the process since this is a very worthwhile investment. We propose this meeting as a pilot opportunity to encourage IAP academies and regional networks to take on technological entrepreneurship education role. Presentations will be given by invited experts and contributing delegates, guided discussions held and resolutions agreed upon for future collaboration and networking.