Governance of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Research: African Perspectives

Project Status
November 15, 2017

African Academy of Sciences TWAS Royal Society Environmental Defense Fund (US - not IAP member). While most geoengineering research has taken place in developed countries, the implications of large-scale climate interventions, and thus discussions about their governance, are necessarily global. Using experience from the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI), including similar meetings in the UK, Pakistan, India and China, the Project will seek to engage a diverse community of African stakeholders to develop ideas about SRM research governance. Through outreach to scientists, NGO communities, policymakers, the media, and other relevant experts in Africa, the proposed Project will increase knowledge of SRM, the current state of research, and associated issues in diverse sectors of African society. The goal is to build a scientifically-informed African community for considered and cooperative future dialogue on SRM research governance. While SRM governance focuses on just one class of geoengineering technologies, the Project could provide a model for the evolution of an African discourse on geoengineering and other novel technologies.


Governance of Research on Solar Geoengineering: African Perspectives