Improving Science Education in Sudan and Ethiopia through a model based approach

Project Status
November 15, 2017
Key Contacts
  • Muntasir E. Ibrahim
    Vice President, IAP Contact Person
    Sudanese National Academy of Science (SNAS)

Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS)

As per IAP objectives, the project aims to promote science culture and education through a model based approach in Sudan and Ethiopia. This will be carried out in consultation with international experts in the field, local academic institutions, public and private sectors and the government. In a period of 12 months and through a series of national and regional workshops, partner institutions will work on developing a module for introducing modern concepts of enquiry based learning and education to primary and secondary, public and private schools in rural and urban Sudan and Ethiopia, and seek how to place that within local cultural contexts.  The pilot project will be designed in a manner allowing for short and long term assessment of the impact of this sort of intervention on nurturing of creative scientific thinking within the school environment. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness on the importance of science and technology in sustainable social, economic and environmental development.