Supporting the IAP Global Science Education Program

Program Status
November 15, 2017

The IAP Science Education Program has 4 active Regional Networks (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe) which the Program stimulates, coordinates and develops through various activities, among them a large international Conference (2010 York, 2012 Helsinki, 2014 China) gathering Academies and high level world experts on inquiry based science education (IBSE) concepts and pilot projects.

In between these conferences, as will be the case in 2013, the Program Council and its members produce and publish resources, support Academies in disseminating locally successful experiences, contribute to local workshops.

In 2013, the present project simply aims at a meeting, in Asia, of the Global Council, in order specifically to : plan for the 2013 Conference ; assess the development of the Regional Networks and their needs ; pursue the global sensitization of Academies to issues of science education ; involve the young scientists, through the GYA, in the science education program.