Health Education of Women

Health Education of Women

Lead academy: French Academy of Sciences

IAP strives to advance both basic and clinical research focusing on issues related to maternal morbidity and mortality. It also seeks to improve women's awareness of health-related issues. The programme has led to the creation of an interactive website

Current activities (2004)

Although numerous initiatives aiming at improving literacy and health education have been developed during the last 15 years by non-governmental organisations or under the auspices of international institutions, very few have been rigorously evaluated.
There is a particular need for renewed and culturally adapted methods of education to fulfil the goal of sustainable education, and for building models of universal relevance which are adaptable regionally.
This programme is therefore not in this context an additional initiative to already existing programmes but rather aims at developing innovative, well structured and properly evaluated strategies.

Work plan 2004
The first year of activity will be devoted, through appropriate workshops and specialized meetings to:
1) precise definition of objectives
2) identification of targets
3) evaluation of tools
4) development of an organisation model.

Link to activities under this programme which were run from 2001-2003.