Yael  Hanein
Yael Hanein
Associate Professor, Tel Aviv University
I received the BSc degree in Physics from Tel Aviv University, Israel and MSc and PhD degrees in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. In 2003 I completed a four-year position as a Research Associate in Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Washington, Seattle. Currently, I am an associate Professor, at the School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University and a VP with Nano Retina, an Israeli start-up company developing an artificial retina. My current research interests include: nano-materials and electronic devices designed to interface with brain cells, implantable electronic brain chips, and nano-electronic devices. I participated in the second IAP Young Scientist Conference held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of New Champions (Dalian, 2009) representing Israel as a young scientist. I returned to attend the third and the fourth conference (Tianjin 2010 and Dalian 2011) as a young mentor following an invitation by the IAP. Following my participation in these events, I became engaged in the establishment of the Young Global Academy (GYA) and served as a member of GYA’s first Executive committee. Overall, I became strongly motivated to initiate and to lead various outreach activities. Back in in Israel I initiated and co-organized a one day symposium on Academy-industry collaboration with the aim to promote better coordination between these two sectors. I coordinated a joint activity between my University and a leading Israeli newspaper to better acquaint the media with the academic world. In a related activity I initiated enrichment research presentations to undergraduate students. I am still trying to promote an initiative to establish an Israeli Young Academy. Clearly, participating in the summer Davos conferences impacted the significance I now attribute to Academy-Industry and Academy-Society ties and completely modified the manner I perceive my role in enhancing these ties.
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